Reap Pay is currently available to users based in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and all Reap Card (HKD) users only.

Reap Pay Fund your business the smart way

Paying large bills with your favourite credit card is now easier than ever. What's more, you can earn rewards as you go!

Why Reap Pay

As business owner ourselves, we, too, understand how important it is for you to maximise your cash flow. Our services not only allow you to pay on your terms, but you can also earn rewards at the same time.

Quick, easy access

3 minutes is all you need to register for an account and settle a payment. Simply pick a credit card of your choice and pay without any restrictions. Our service is free of business jargon and hidden fees — it's as if you're making a payment in person. Reap Pay is as simple as we intended it to be.

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Increased cash flow flexibility

Opportunities come and go. By utilising your pre-approved credits in your personal or business credit card, you can recover hidden cash flow and stay ahead in the world of business.

Streamlined business processes

Admin work is tedious. That's why we are here to help you consolidate your payments on our online processing platform so you can export data and reconcile your payables with ease.

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Earn as you pay

Spend with your personal or business credit cards to earn air miles, cash back or reward points from places that only accept cash.

Earn as you pay

Spend with your personal or business credit cards to earn air miles, cash back or reward points from places that only accept cash.

Save time through automations

Scheduling recurring payments and automating repetitive tasks, such as invoice tracking and information reconciliation, is now a breeze.

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Stronger supplier relationships

Build stronger relationships with your suppliers. With Reap Pay, you can make sure they get paid early and settle the bill up to 50 days later. (Perhaps, you might even end up with a better deal!)

Pay early for discounts

Pay now and use your 58-day interest-free period to get discounts from your suppliers!

Flexible payment

1.0% additional for international cards per transaction for both Pay and Collect and for all locales
Hong Kong


per transaction


per transaction


per transaction

Earn Rebates


Cash back or travel rewards

Tax Deductions


Deductible on tax returns

Early Payment Discount


Negotiable terms from suppliers

Frequently Asked Questions

What credit cards and bank accounts do Reap Pay support?

You can pay using any credit card with the Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay mark, and can send the payment to any bank accounts all over the world. But note that there are some limitations on the nature of your payments; and you can check your transactions here before paying with us.

Why does Reap collect my personal ID and transaction supporting document?
Is it safe to use Reap for online bill payments?
Can I use Reap to pay myself or my friends and family for cash withdrawal/advancement?
What spending category is Reap Pay transaction categorized as in my credit cards?
Co-founder of Booqed

The ability to leverage the credit card for payments traditionally unable to process via credit card is helpful… Crucial benefit that any startup or SME can definitely take advantage of.

Charles Oh
Co-founder of Booqed
Co-founder of BOXS Limited

With simple and convenient experience REAP enables our company to eliminate cashflow gaps to support our business rapid growth. We can leverage extra credit card resources with REAP pay, to hire the right talents at the right time to focus on the things that really matter.

Roman Podkorytov
Co-founder of BOXS Limited
Founder of Oenotrus LTD

Our company has been with Reap since 2019, and the ability to manage our cashflow using credit card transactions has proven invaluable ever since – allowing us to broaden our supply base and reduce the time spent on payment processing. On-boarding was very simple and Reap’s online dashboard makes managing outgoings clear and straightforward. The new function to send links for payment requests also provides our customers and partners exactly the kind of the flexibility they need and expect in today’s market.

Josh Hawes
Founder of Oenotrus LTD
4.9 / 5 on Google Reviews

Pay first with your card and settle later