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Calculate the untapped card benefits you can earn with Reap

How does it work?

Make fast and secure payments on our platform that enables you to do one-off, automatic or future-dated payments to pay your expenses
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Tell us who you want to pay

You set up expense payments with Reap using your preferred credit card

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Add a credit card

Reap accepts all Visa, Mastercard and American Express. We add a small fee

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Done! Recipient
receives payment

Your Recipient receives their payment, at no cost within 2-3 business days

Protecting your data and payment
is our first priority
Secure Infrastructure for Payment Processing and Account Data
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"I’ve been using Reap to pay my rent for a while now and it’s pretty good! I’ll be happy to recommend to others."

Jessy Jones

"Reap is a quick and no fuss way to get additional liquidity via untapped credit card balance to grow your small business."

Rick Wong
CEO @ RWN Solution

"Great service, great team 👍👍10/10 would recommend"

Alyssa Victoria

Surprisingly easy to use! I run a small local business and I can finally use credit card to pay for the rent every month and occasionally invoices.

Hon Keung
Have other bills to pay?
You can pay virtually any bill through Reap
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