Roles of Fintech firms in Landing and Payments providing financial access to SMEs


March 23, 2022

At Reap, we champion businesses of all kinds and understand the pain points of building your own path, especially SMEs.

During the 2022 Digital Money Symposium, an annual event hosted by Citi Bank, Daren Guo, Co-Founder of Reap joined the Asia Digital SME Lending and Payment panel, and discussed how FinTechs in the Lending and Payments space have played a vital role in providing better financial access to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

As the global business landscape evolves increasingly complicated and fast-moving, business needs to equip with the right tools that enable them to move faster.

Joined with Andy Chan, co-founder of Qupital, and Carine Souvannavong, Senior Relationship Manager at Citi, the webinar dived deep into how the use of technology, leverage of data, and RegTech solutions acted as an enabler in helping business to achieve their goals.