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Digitise business expense management to improve efficiency

Digitise business expense management to improve efficiency

Tedious and costly manual processes prevent organisations from becoming more efficient. With workflow automation, you can accelerate growth for your business.

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Enable employees to cover expenses

Business credit cards empower your employees to make appropriate business decisions while allowing you to maintain control. In just a few clicks, your employees can start spending with their virtual cards before the physical cards arrive. With real-time transaction notifications and online expense reports, you can monitor your business expenses with ease.

Save everyone’s time and hassle

Time is critical in the success of hyper-growth start-ups. By streamlining your expense processes, you no longer have to reimburse employees who pay for business expenses with their own money, making expense reconciliation paperless and much more efficient.

Improved visibility and control

Spend visibility improves efficiency and helps you make informed decisions about where to allocate your resources. With a clear overview of your invoices, receipts and expenses, you can easily visualise your spend allocation in team or individual level. Set spending limits for each department to control spend and manage budget allocation more effectively. **Allocate your online subscriptions all in one place to earn 2% cash reward!**

Revolutionising start-ups’ finance processes

“ For us to achieve rapid growth as a start-up, we needed a solution to increase business productivity. With Reap’s online expense management tool, we can manage our finances with efficiency and focus on the more important – growing our business. ”

Ben Cheng Founder of Oursky

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