Gain better control with finance process automation - Reap

Gain better control with finance process automation

Gain better control with finance process automation

Did you know automation is critical for the success of a business? By automating your finance processes, you can control your finance operations with efficiency.

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Real-time finance management all in one place

Having real-time financial insights at your fingertips can drive your business forward. With the software that comes with the Reap Card, you can access your spend report in real time. Connect your Reap Pay and Reap Collect accounts to consolidate all business expenses and incoming payments and unlock the full capability of our all-in-one platform.

Greater control of company spend

With full transparency and control, your business can seize new opportunities and reduce risks. View a clear picture of how your business is performing all in one place and at any given moment in time. You can easily visualise your spend allocation in team or individual level and manage budget allocation with efficiency.

Simplified expense reimbursement process

With a streamlined and digitised process, the amount of time your employees spend on submitting claim forms can be minimised. What’s more — you can issue however many supplementary cards with preset spending limits for your employees at no extra cost. Save time and money on expense reconciliation, and enjoy the convenience of keeping track every transaction with ease.

Revolutionising SMEs’ finance processes

“ Reap’s help safeguards every step we take, which also leads us further. ”

May Yeung Founder of Parrot King

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