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Automate finance processes to increase productivity and profits

Automate finance processes to increase productivity and profits

When you automate business processes, you are looking at tremendous resource savings in your business operations. It also means you are creating opportunities for your employees’ time and effort to be used in better ways.

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Digitised expense management process

Digitised expense reimbursement process saves you the time and effort to fill in paper forms. By offering your employees secondary cards with preset spending limits, simplifying the finance team’s time to reconcile and approve each transaction.

Real-time dashboard for data visualisation

Visualise your company’s real-time spend allocation at a team or individual level in our Reap dashboard. Set limits for vendors or departments to control spending and allocate your budget more effectively. Receive notifications after every transaction helps you keep track of your spending.

PCI certified platform

Security of your data is of utmost importance to us. Reap’s security standard is PCI certified, which is a global standard for ensuring data security followed by banks, and card networks including Visa and Mastercard. Your login credentials are stored only on your device, never on our server, nor on the cloud.

Revolutionising enterprises' finance processes

“ Reap Card enables us to issue separate credit cards for each department, which increases efficiency with our expense management. Reap is a trustworthy & reliable business partner of ours. ”

Raymond K.W. WONG Co-Founder of Asia Business Centre (AsiaBC)

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