Reap Collect is currently available to users based in Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore only.

Reap Collect
Credit card payments made easy

Late payment has been a long-standing issue for businesses. With our online credit card system, you can collect global payments with ease. Register now and start collecting payments in less than 2 minutes.

Benefits of Reap Collect

Collecting larger credit card payments can be difficult if you do not have a bank account, but we are here to help. With our online payment platform Reap Collect, you can start collecting global payments with ease.

Get paid on time

You no longer need a developer or an e-commerce website to collect global payments, making payment collection more accessible and efficient.

  • Payment Details

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  • Pay to

    Daren's Coffee Shop

    Bank account number 123456789

  • Payment amount

    $ 5,000.00USD

  • You will pay

    $ 5,145.50 USD


    $ 145.50 USD

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Payments all in one place

Why track payments on 5 platforms when you can do it on 1? Let us handle the tracking for you so you can focus on growing your business.

  • Reap Technologies

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  • Spaceforce

  • Daren's Coffee Shop

  • Daren's Coffee Shop


Collect payments of all sizes

We've set our minds to creating the best payment gateway for businesses. Reap Collect has no restrictions on the collection amount, allowing you to collect whatever amount your client’s credit cards may allow.

No hidden fees

We transfer the collected money to your bank account directly. You don’t need to pay extra transfer fees to receive your payments in full. Our flexible handling fee allows you to absorb, pass or split between yourself and your customer — simple and straightforward.

  • How much would you like to request?

  • Who pays the transaction fees?

  • Fee for customer (%)

    Fee for you (%)

Be universally connected

No matter where your customers are, you can collect credit card payments online without any hurdles. Reap Collect accepts credit cards issued from anywhere in the world, local and international.

Accepted everywhere

Pay now and use your 58-day interest-free period to get discounts from your suppliers!

Accept deposit

You can now accept deposit and balance payments from your customers on Reap Collect! For vendors that have repeat recurring billings for the same customers, you can auto-charge the customer's card recorded on Reap.

Tech-free payment collection in all use cases

Reap Collect allows you to collect global payments without having to possess any technical knowledge. Take a minute to set up and customise your payment link, and you are good to go!

F2F physical store

Forget about POS machine, simply open the payment link on your phone or tablet for customers to pay you by entering their card details. Collecting money is now easier than ever!

Online shops

After sending the payment link to your customers, they will be able to enter their payment details directly. Whether you’re running a web store, an Instagram shop or other forms of e-commerce business, you can collect payments instantly with Reap Collect without having to integrate with any software.

Simple pricing

1.0% additional for international cards per transaction for both Pay and Collect and for all locales




per transaction
Hong Kong



per transaction



per transaction



per transaction



per transaction

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a business bank account to use Reap Collect?

Yes, you'll need to provide the account holder name of your business bank account, bank code and name and account number to use Reap Collect.

What information do I need for opening a Reap Collect account?
Do I need to manually withdraw the collected payments to my bank account?
How long will the application process take?
Why should I use Reap instead of other payment collection platforms?

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