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Digital Transformation: Digital Marketing 101


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Everyone’s purchasing habits have been changed during COVID-19. Normally, everyone purchases from a brick-and-mortar store. However, the trend of online shopping has been a new norm around the globe. However, how does digital marketing for your own company assist to your business operation model? The answer is, the digital promotion covers many areas, and SMEs may not need outsourcing services, and the in-house sales could cover some partial promotion. Reap has chosen several easy-to-work-on digital promoting methods for you so that you could still increase your income during this epidemic.

Approach #1 Content Marketing

Assuredly, writing articles would be a low-cost promoting method. If you have never engaged in content marketing, you may wonder what the writing content is, and how to catch readers’ eyes. It is actually way easier than you think. Hypothetically, if you decide to run your business online, writing short information, or just a brief introduction of your product, then your customers will understand the actual product usage immediately, so that their purchasing desire would increase. Besides the product promotion, the website content is also very significant. Just think about it, who would want to browse empty web pages? No one wants to scroll down a blanked page with some mundane content. To solve this problem (less being boring), you can simply create a blog page and write some business-related articles, depending on which industry you are in. Take Reap as an instance. Our customers are mainly SMEs, so the articles we wrote are mainly focusing on SMEs’ concerns. Customers could gain trust from the articles and get a more comprehensive understanding of your business, but also it brings organic search traffic. The final promoting effect can be achieved at a very low cost. If the concept in your mind is complicated, you can also consider using infographics to increase the exposure of your company. But when creating a chart, just bear in mind that the company’s logo and main color will be also included, so that everyone will know that the chart is from your website and it prevents your original creation got exploited without any credit.

Approach #2 Social Media Promotion

Social media promotion has been popular and widely used everywhere. But, how can your profile stand out from competitors? Firstly, you need to comprehend how social media calculates the popularity and interaction level between your website and customers. Take running a Facebook page as an instance, it is not rare to see some posts indicating “send the direct message to you after commenting”. A direct message could be some promotions your company provided, some interesting information could also help attract customers, such as articles, blogs, or videos that are appealing, or simply just something that could be counted as a “bait”. Then, you can even integrate content marketing and use infographics to make users more interested in your content, which will naturally attract users to click in, share posts, or like and comment on your post for boosting your interaction level.

Approach #3 Email Promotion

Recently, email marketing has been esteemed by different types of companies. The reason behind this is because companies want to know more different varieties of data through email marketing, such as the clicking rate to the email and the website. You could still accurately calculate ROI (Return of Investment), which could also boost your business and make a better bond or relationship with customers. Also note that, you should employ a group email sending platform, such as Mailchimp or Mailerlite, or your emails will be treated as spam emails, and measure the gains and the lost. When you are writing an email, make sure to consider how your customers see, feel, and think. Simultaneously, considering the user’s tone and wording which should be in line. When you design the email format sent by your company, the writing style and tone ought to be remaining consistent. The most significant part is to increase traffic to the website. You have to add a Call-to-Action sentence or button to achieve the purpose of promotion and meet your sales target.