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Waiving your service charge through our referral system


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What is a referral?

If you are our existing customers, you have created an account with us and acquired access to your personal dashboard. There you can find all your information and transaction details, including but not limited to payment records, recipients as well as Reap Credits (RCs).

Referral is a way for you to earn RCs. If your friend joined Reap upon your referral and if he makes some payment totalling $2,500 HKD or more with his credit card, both of you will earn some RCs afterwards. You as the referor will get $5,000 HKD RCs while your friend as the referee will get $2,500 HKD RCs for use in future transactions. With RCs, you can make payment through Reap for an equivalent amount of cash with your credit card, without having to pay any transaction fee at all. In effect, we provide our service to you guys for free and you can get all the benefits associated with the use of your credit card, ranging from cash rebates to Asia miles. Doesn’t it sound good?

How can I refer a friend?

To make things simple and user-friendly, you just need to go to the “Free Payment” page of your dashboard and you’ll find your personal referral link there. You can automatically share your referral link through email as well as Facebook, Whatsapp, WeChat, LinkedIn and Twitter, basically most of the main social media sites we are using these days. If there are not the best option for you, no worries. You can, alternatively, copy your link and share it to any other channel as you like. Remember, the referee has to join Reap through your link for the RCs to be earned.

How can I redeem my RCs?

Simply go through the process of making payment as usual, and on the last stage when you review your payment, you’ll see a section named “Apply promo code and credits”. Just tick the little box there and you’re good to go. Any unused RCs will remain in your account but if your RCs are not enough to cover your payment, you will have to pay transaction cost for the uncovered amount.

Just remember that your RCs expire in 90 days. But you can at any time before expiry reset the expiry date back to 90 whenever you gain or use some RCs.

For more information as to how referral works or what is RCs, please refer to our FAQ.

We hope to see you soon on Reap!