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Introducing Brand New HK Tailor-Made Reap Invoice!


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Tired of issuing invoices and chasing payments? Reap is launching a new, free of charge product - Reap Invoice, a one-stop platform that will help you to manage all your revenues. This tool can be used by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), start-ups, freelancers, or anyone who has a side business, allowing you to avoid manually checking and modifying your Excel spreadsheet!

What are the benefits of using Reap Invoice?

Before explaining how to use Reap Invoice, we need to first understand what the benefits are of using it. Before we released Reap Invoice, we consulted our users for their opinions and made it our mission to create a product that can truly solve the issues of managing accounts receivable by SMEs, start-ups and freelancers. 

One-stop invoice management

The biggest benefit of using Reap Invoice is that it is one-stop invoice management. In simple terms, you can issue invoices to your clients, and they can pay you, all via Reap’s platform, eliminating the need to use several software and platforms for payments. You can also use the tool with Reap Collect, which allows you to collect credit card payments online and streamline the whole payments process, while minimizing the need to log in to your e-banking account to verify the payment. 

Automatically track the invoice status

As long as you issue an invoice to your clients via Reap Invoice, you and your client will receive a notification at every step. You will not have to worry about forgetting the status of your payments. 

Smart input

If you use Excel or other online invoicing tools, it can be troublesome as you have to fill in your sales items every time you issue an invoice again. Reap Invoice allows you to enter the sales items once and reuse it in the future, minimizing the large volumes of repetitive work needed to enter the information for every payment.

Perfect for using in Hong Kong

Other web-based invoicing tools are typically developed by foreigners, with many input fields that do not match with local needs such as address, telephone number, bank details, and etc. Reap prioritizes user experience by ensuring the input fields are designed for local needs, allowing you to easily fill in an invoice when issuing. 

Customizable invoices

Many invoicing tools also charge users for customising their invoices but Reap Invoice allows you to add your business logo and other customizable features for free.

How to use Reap Invoice?

  1. New users can register here, and existing users can login here.
  2. On the left sidebar of the dashboard, click “Reap Collect” and click “Invoice”.
  3. Click “add your first invoice” or “+ new invoice”.
  4. Enter information or your company. The entered information will be stored in our system so you do not need to re-enter every time you make a new invoice.
  5. Follow the instructions to fill in the invoice. The information of customers and goods will be stored in our database too.
  6. Click “add company stamp/chop”. You can use the built-in function of Reap Invoice to create your own customized company chop.
  7. After entering all the information, click “continue” on the top right corner.
  8. Click “email invoice” to send your invoice via email (you may edit the content inside the email), or click “share invoice” to send your invoice via website URL, Whatsapp, or WeChat.
  9. The invoice is sent!
  10. On your dashboard, you can check the payment collection status.

Issue invoices for free & manage your revenues easily

Take action by immediately registering or logging in to use Reap Invoice free of charge. Save your time, focus on your business and increase your revenue by using this one-stop payment management system!