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Three Benefits of Using QR Codes for Payment Collection: Reap Collect Links to Generate QR Codes


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You might have probably noticed that Quick Response (QR) Codes are now everywhere on billboards, business cards, or as payment methods in humble stores. Many brick-and-mortar stores now also adopt QR code as one of their payment options (e.g., PayMe, Alipay, etc.). Besides retail usage, have you ever thought of utilising QR codes for receiving payments from your suppliers? We believe that some of you, our valued readers, have started using Reap Collect and are generally aware of its features, so today we would like to prepare some useful tips for you to operate and expand your businesses more effectively via Reap Collect.

Why Should I Use QR Code for Payment Collection?


For both payers and payees, using QR Code for transactions only takes a short processing time. The payee simply generates a QR Code from the Reap Collect collection link using the QR Code Generator above, sends it to the payer; meanwhile, the payer can utilise the software installed on his/her mobile phone or computer to settle the payment instantly. Voila, it is as simple as that! This saves both parties a lot of time on the transaction process. 

When you save more time in payment collection, the number of customers you can serve will naturally increase.

Easy and Convenient

In the past, it was necessary for Reap Collect users to send payment links to customers themselves, or to use the Reap system to automatically re-sell payments to potential customers. 

Re-marketing Potential Customers

The Rule of Seven states that most people will not actually buy a product until they have been exposed to it seven times, among which 71% of the actual purchasers leave the buying process halfway through. Customers often take more time to consider whether the product is a right fit for them under their own deliberations, such as the convenience of payment methods or the suitability of the very product. In order to re-engage these potential customers, we need to strategically deploy the QR Code feature to promote the convenience of payment and thus attract them to proceed with the transaction.

How to Use the Reap Collect Link to Generate a QR Code for Payment Collection

  1. Click on this link or type the keyword "qr code generator chrome" into Google's search engine. Select the following options: 

  2. Click on "Add to Chrome" in the upper right corner.
  3. Click on "Add extension" to enable the extension.
  4. Login to Reap Collect and copy the link provided by the system or customise it for payment collection. 
  5. Click on the Puzzle-like “Extensions” button in the upper right corner of Chrome and then click on “QR Code Generator” to activate the programme.
    1. Enter the link copied from Reap Collect and the programme will automatically generate a QR Code for you.

    You can click “Download” to download the QR Code and send it to your customer for payment collection.

    We can clearly see that using QR Codes for payment collection offers unlimited opportunities for business expansion-what are you waiting for? Use Reap Collect now and experience with your customers the extraordinary payment collection process.