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How to choose your side gig? Earn your second income by starting a mini-business!


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Under this pandemic, lots of people choose to stay home and keep social distancing. Staying at home could be dry as dust. In the spare time, it makes people wonder what they could do for a side business to earn some extra money. Lots of successful entrepreneurs actually started off their businesses as a side gig! To all the future business owners out there, take a look at Reap’s guide to starting a side gig!

Factors to consider when picking a side gig

When it comes to side gigs, lots of people would think of getting a manageable part-time job. On the other hand, picking your side gig should be a mindful decision. Why? When a big chunk of a day is dedicated to your full-time job, personal time becomes more precious. When picking your side gig, it’s better to take a longer view, and not to look for something that is rather temporary. Of course, getting paid in cash can be appealing, but considering a side gig that could further develop is more rewarding. At the end of the day, time is money, and having a side gig should be considered as an investment for your future.

Factor #1: Pick a side gig related to your full-time job

This is probably the most common option when people look for new opportunities for a side business. After all, it’s better to do what you are already familiar with. Getting freelance projects related to your full-time job is almost effortless since you don’t have to spend more time adapting to a new job nature. Compared to other side businesses, it’s comparatively easier to start off since you are already experienced in the field. It’s no sweat finding these freelance projects. You can constantly update your LinkedIn profile and portfolio, and set your profile as looking for freelance. Job opportunities will come knocking on your door! If you are an urge of finding your next freelance gig, you could also keep an eye on job ads on recruitment websites. Seeking job opportunities on freelancer websites is also another way, including sites like Fiverr, Upwork, and The third option, which is a difficult one, would be becoming recognized in your field, for example being a guest lecturer and writing articles about your industry. Then, job opportunities will come to you in no time.

Factor #2: Think about your hobbies and interests

Of course, it would be dull and tedious doing your side gig that’s related to your full-time job after a long day of work. Starting your side gig based on your interest could be an option. No matter if it’s coffee, photography, or hiking, as long as you can do in-depth research, hobbies can be your next side business! For instance, if you are interested in gadgets and smartphones, love to check out the latest updates, have your own opinion and thoughts, you could turn your thoughts into commentary and upload them on your website or YouTube. In the course of time, you could be an expert in that field. Partnerships and job opportunities will come to your door. If you would like to sell products or services, you could start with your friends. Of course, it’s not about getting money from friends, but to get referrals or portfolios from your friends, so that you can expand your business with your friends’ social circle. With dedication, you can turn your hobbies from an amateur to a KOL!

Factor #3: Start your eCommerce business

If you believe in your insights and you’ve found a market gap, you can consider starting your eCommerce. With online shopping becoming a trend, especially because of the pandemic, people have grown into online shopping fanatics. It’s not difficult to set up an online store since there are lots of options for eCommerce platforms and various payment platforms. On the other hand, something that’s easily done means that everyone could do the job. The market competitiveness is aggressive so it’s a tryout for your unique insights. Apart from being visionary, running eCommerce also involves online marketing skills. Some of the industries, for example, keywords like “beauty and slimming” are very competitive and expensive. Standing out among your competitors is definitely the toughest challenge.

Ready to start your side business? Picking your payment collection is surely at the top of your list! No matter what side gig you’ve decided to pursue, you will need to handle payment collection. Especially for credit card payments, after PayMe reduced their limits to HK$1,000, it’s even more strenuous to collect payments. When it comes to payment collection, Reap is definitely one of the options to consider! Compared to other online credit card platforms, payments collected will directly transfer to your bank account with no additional surcharge. Want to compare other online payment platforms? Click here and find out more!