Top 19 In-Demand Skills to Master in 2021


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Self-enhancement has been very significant nowadays, especially under the epidemic circumstance. When everyone has extra leisure time, people are knee to utilize online resources for mastering more new skills. 2020 is about to end, do you ever wonder what are in-demand skills that people are craving to learn in 2021? Sit still, Reap is about to list 20 must-learn skills for you, let you keep up with the latest trend in the job market!

Coding Skill

1. Python
Python is one of the most popular coding languages among non-professional individuals. The invention of Python is to provide opportunities for amateur developers to code with ease. Also, Python emphasizes delivering in a format of natural language, which more accommodates our daily communication habits. Compared to other coding languages, it’s much easier to learn by yourself. Plus, Python could be applied to multiple functions, such as data analysis and website design. Do you know that multiple Python communities were created for coding beginners, coming with online tutorials? 

2. JavaScript
JavaScript is an indispensable element of forming websites, which made the whole page become “alive” by displaying every type of moving content, or it could be used to track users’ activity on a page. Same as HTML and CSS, both are must-learn coding languages when everyone learns how to build websites. 

3. iOS Program Development
Look around you. Everyone has a smartphone nowadays, everyone simply can’t leave their mobile phone, so can you imagine how enormous the market of the mobile application is? Recently, iOS 14 used SwiftUI to manage the whole progress of program development, which lessens the developers’ job. Want to know what SwiftUI is? Or planning to monetize your programming skill? Then studying for iOS Program Development should be on your must-learn skills list! 

4. Android Program Development
Many people choose to use an Android smartphone besides using an iPhone. If you plan to learn how to code applications on the iOS platform, then why not learn Android program development simultaneously? After all, you could use dual platforms to launch your application.


5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Everyone wants to complimentarily promote their content, then you might think of utilizing Search Engine Optimization. Everyone hopes that adding relevant keywords in your article, wishing your website was on top of search engine results, which made your website stand out from other competitors and gain free promotion. Want to know how to perform the most basic SEO?

6. Google Ads
Besides complimentary promotion, paid promotion needs to be ameliorated. When everyone uses Google Ads to display your website in the Google search engine. Compared to the effect without using Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Ads made your website appear in search results with specific keywords, then paid ads would be rather convenient in comparison with SEO. 

Data Science

7. Google Analytics
Google Analytics is a must-have skill in the marketing industry. One important element in marketing is Data Analysis. Why? You could find your development direction from statistics or use those statistics to support your own decision. Needless to say, Google Analytics is definitely a must-have skill.

8. SQL
SQL stands for Structured Query Language, which is Microsoft’s database inquiry and program design language. SQL is used for saving information, enquiring or updating, or even managing related database systems. Multiple companies are still using SQL to save their information in order to increase competitiveness. It would be a great opportunity to learn how to use data management software besides using Google Analytics. 

9. Microsoft Excel
Even though Excel has been promoted for many years, people who master in Excel are relatively low. Do you know that the function of Excel is rather powerful? Once you master Excel, it could provide extra hands to analyze data in a more convenient and detailed way, which also automatizes lots of processes.

10. Machine Learning

For the purpose of saving the time of human operation, many data analyses will utilize the advantage of the function of machine learning. Machine Learning also requires coding skills in Python. Knowledge is connected, without any doubts, data analysis would be relatively complicated without any one skill.  

Business Management

11. Salesforce
Although Salesforce is not project management software, it could enable operations to run smoothly and enhance customer management performance. Salesforce has many customized settings. It will not be an easy task if you want to learn how to holistically utilize Salesforce. Also, many more large retail companies use Salesforce. Therefore, learning to use Salesforce will definitely increase your competitiveness.  

12. Project Management
Compared to “Hard Skills” that emphasize professional knowledge and skills, companies are now looking for “Soft Skills” which is the skill that project management requires in different industries. You could start with various project management methods such as Agile, Scrum, PMP, Six Sigma, etc. 

13. Online Sales
Online sales could be a BIG trend under the situation of the epidemic. Everyone decreases the frequency of outdoor shopping, hence go for online shopping instead. Online Sales involves lots of skills in digital marketing, such as bidding keywords to post advertisements, in which you need to integrate multiple skills to make your online business succeed. 

Accounting and Finance

14. Accounting
After learning to account, you might not only have a better understanding of different types of financial statements but also know the directions of ameliorating a company’s financial status. Want to know more about types of accounting functions? 

15. QuickBooks
QuickBooks is well-known accounting software for companies with different sizes and models, especially for SMEs. QuickBooks automizes multiple steps, for instance, budget evaluation, expense management, salary release, tax payments, etc. Worth mentioning is that QuickBooks’ price is rather low. Therefore, we recommend everyone to learn how to use QuickBooks to increase their competitiveness. 


16. Adobe Creative Cloud
Every professional from the design industry must be aware of Adobe software. Without any doubt, marketing, product, and other departments also necessarily use software from Adobe. Therefore, mastering Adobe software is one of the must-have skills.

17. UI/UX
User Experience and User Interface are two important elements while designing websites. Lots of companies will gradually input more resources on the website which makes mastering UI/UX become an indispensable skill. 


18. Copywriting
We are now in the generation of online shopping trends, outstanding copywriting can increase company revenue and enable the company to gain an extraordinary reputation. On the contrary, substandard copywriting will irritate the backlash and side effects that your company doesn’t want. Therefore, you should also emphasize creativity and copywriting skills. 

19. Foreign languages
One of the must-learn skill in foreign languages for entrepreneurs. Mastering in one or more foreign languages not only enables you to expand your network but also enables a company to promote to other countries whether it’s overseas or not. Overall, learning foreign languages would be a top choice for self-enhancement no matter when.

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