Reap Card vs Airwallex Borderless Card: Integrating physical with virtual cards to get the best of Both Worlds!


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Corporate credit cards have become an inseparable part of a customer’s financial experience, which is why more entrepreneurs than ever are resolved to issuing their own cards to optimise spend management and drive operational efficiency. An all-encompassing corporate card not only empowers businesses to move past many of the manual accounting tasks, but also improves liquidity ratios! With a conglomerate of virtual corporate credit cards available on the market, Reap is here to offer an extensive comparison between Reap Card and Airwallex Borderless Card, so that you can find the right one to make your business expenses more worthwhile.

Reap Card and Airwallex Borderless Card are both built on the Visa network. Reap Card combines both physical and virtual card issuing, whereas Airwallex Borderless Card is only available in the form of virtual cards.

Besides, Reap Card allows you to fully leverage the credit limit as a cash buffer for any emergency costs to remove the burden of paying for expenses upfront. Airwallex Borderless Card resembles other debit cards available, its application process entails registering for an Airwallex Expenses account. The total credit is limited to what is available in your Airwallex Expenses account, thus imposing a need for checking your balance regularly to ensure you have enough money at the time to settle payments, leaving your cash flow needs unfulfilled. Finally yet importantly, enjoy a 2% cash rebate on all day-to-day business online expenses using Reap Card.*

Why Reap Card Is More Preferable Than Airwallex Borderless Card

Reap Card

Airwallex Borderless Card

Product Type

Credit Card

Debit Card

Card Type

Physical and Virtual Cards

Virtual Card

Cash Collateral

Not Required


Account Registration

Not Required


Available Credit Limit

  • Variable credit limit to suit you, top-up not mandated as in common with other credit cards available
  • Credit limit determined by the balance in the Airwallex Expenses account
  • Percentage-based administrative charge is applicable to each top-up

Privileges/ Cash Rebate

2% cash back on all business digital purchases worldwide*

1% cash back exclusive to local purchases/span>

Administrative Permissions

  • Freeze and reactivate credit card anytime
  • Create unlimited virtual card for free
  • Discretionary physical and virtual supplementary card issuance
  • Freeze and reactivate card via account portal
  • Create certain limit of virtual cards

Expense Management Features

  • Set monthly spending limit
  • Customise transaction limit for each card
  • Receive instant transaction notification and integrate accounting softwares
  • Set monthly spending limit

Auto Repayment


Not available

Real-time Accounting Software Integration including Xero



Real-time Expense Analysis

Support real-time expense analysis based on spending category

Support real-time expense analysis with live transaction feeds

Comprehensive Review on Reap Card and Airwallex Borderless Card

#1 Credit Card VS Debit Card

Reap launches the Reap Card in partnership with Visa. By conducting business model assessments, Reap aims to offer an optimal amount of credit to run your business and manage payments for suppliers, rent, employees and so on, such that an adequate amount of cash reserves is built to maintain flexibility for your business. The principal Reap Card holder can also apply for unlimited supplementary cards for free as employee credit cards or for creating custom categories to personalise your spending breakdown in ways that work for you as your business grows. It allows the employees to retain freedom to charge authorised expenses such as client meetings.

In the meantime, Reap Card offers up to 58 days of interest free period and auto repayment features, enabling you to accelerate cash flow for a stronger future without leaving a huge hole in your finances. Airwallex Borderless Card, also a Visa partner, has more restrictions imposed on its credit limit as compared to other corporate cards. Airwallex Borderless Card does not offer credit beyond the balance of the Airwallex Expenses account. It increases the risk of not having sufficient money in the account to make a purchase. In view of this, monitoring the account balance becomes mandated upon making transactions in bulk, with additional percentage-based administrative fees incurred.

#2 Limitless Physical and Virtual Reap Card Issuance to Empower Your Teams to Make Purchasing Decisions

Although Reap Card and Airwallex Borderless Card share the functions of managing daily business spending, which includes freezing and reactivating your card and issuing automated commercial invoices, as well as supporting digital accounting integration with Xero to gain freedom from paperwork where it is counterproductive. That being said, Reap Card further consolidates its practicality by integrating physical card issuing. This feature diversifies the ways of spending money to offset the inadequacies of its virtual counterpart, which includes in-person spending for work-related social events and to billers unsupported by digital payment methods.

Meanwhile, Reap Card also generates healthy cash flow by offering a grace period of up to 58 days to provide adequate funds for unplanned commercial expenses, such as paying early to get discounts and build rapport with your suppliers, so as to ensure business continuity.

#3 2% Cash Back for All Local and Overseas Digital Business Spending with Reap Card*

Effectively immediately, Reap Card offers a 2% cash rebate upon online spending - local or abroad - on a wide range of selected categories*, which include but not limited to social media or paid advertising platforms, such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Youtube, as well as delivery services, involving subscriptions to local and cross-border logistics or operational services (newspaper and magazines, to name a few). Reap Card also contains automatic payment service for online subscription-based services, such as Google Drive, Adobe Creative Cloud and any other SaaS, to achieve high administrative output and avoid burdening management with administrative detail.

While Airwallex Borderless Card also offers 1% cash back, it is restricted to local expenses, which means users are only partially rewarded for all company expenses.

Key Takeaways

The above analysis and comparisons reinforce the value proposition of using Reap Card and Airwallex Borderless Card, with which flexibility to organise expenses into helpful categories free of charge and seamless integration of accounting tools effectively improve business output and liquidity ratios to spare all entrepreneurs from walking the tightrope. What’s more, Reap Card provides an additional function of offering an optimal amount of credit to secure cash flow without the need to make any cash deposit in the account. This buy now pay later payment model facilitates opportunities for realising business dreams.

Reap Card also offers a 2% cash back with your digital business spending whether it is for subscription-based online services or regular online advertisements.* No matter how much your business expands, Reap always provides you with the nimbleness needed to jump on new market opportunities.

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The above are sheerly the true and honest opinions of Reap as of publication date. Please be advised to evaluate product features on your own account.

The 2% cash rebate promotion has ended on 31 January 2023.