Bridging the gap between Web3 and banking | Reap

Bridging the gap between Web3 and banking


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Web3 Professional services

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Company Size

10- 15 employees

Top Reap Card spend

Travel and Entertaiment

Jane Ma and Brian Fu, Co-founders of ZKlend

Getting a fiat corporate card without a bank account

Before using the Reap Card:

'Getting a bank account was a cumbersome process when we first started our business. There were a lot of different hurdles, and especially when you're handling a crypto business, it's not the easiest experience to explain to other banks what is the exact nature and operations of your business, sources of income and so forth, where your money sources come from .'

'In terms of operations, when you first hit the ground running, you have a lot of expenses to make. For example, you have to rent an office, and you have to pay some of the setup costs and legal fees. There are lots of traditional vendors that only accept fiat or through direct bank transfers.'

After using the Reap Card:

'We can settle all of our invoices and bills through Reap's integrated platform.'

'For actual physical payments, for example, let's say we go for a team lunch, we are able to cover the expenses using our Business (Credit) Card right now.'

'We can readily budget and allocate credits to different departments or individuals by simply creating virtual cards on the dashboard within a few clicks.'

'Since every staff is entitled to their own Reap Card, it is easy to track who is responsible for which transaction.'

From Google Sheets to an all-in-one expense management platform

Before using the Reap Card

'Managing company and employee expenses used to be a daunting task. The process was confusing and required multiple steps. We and other employees needed to first front the charges with our credit cards before expensing them back to the company. This is a pain as larger expenses could cause inconvenience for our own team. Imagine doing this 50x each week. It's quite an annoying thing for us!'

'We used Google Sheets before to keep track of all company expenses: when they were incurred, settled, and the exchange rate on that day. It was very manual. Jane and I even needed to approve and crosscheck each others' reimbursement records.'

After using the Reap Card

'Another powerful feature of Reap is the availability to settle invoices via bank transfers. For example, to pay our legal expenses, payroll, or recruiting fees, it was difficult to settled these bills using our funds on the blockchain. So being able to upload an invoice on Reap and have Reap confirm and pay it on our behalf through a very proper and transparent manner has been a godsend and a very eye-opening experience for us. Can't wait to see what new features are coming on board!'

'We no longer rely on Google Sheets and this helps eliminate any human error. Other team members are now able to help settle payments, further empowering the team. As a result, we as management can focus our time on more strategic planning and development for zkLend.'

Before Using The Reap Card 😥

- Used Google Sheets to document all fiat payouts and reimbursement

- Did not own a corporate card

- Unable to separate the co-founders' personal and business expenses

After Using The Reap Card🚀

- Able to make credit card payments using the Reap Card

- Able to keep track of all company expenses through Reap's dashboard

- Reap Card is used as the core company expense card for travel, meal and subscription expenses

- With a more flexible credit limit, the pressure to constantly check the remaining balance is lifted

- Expense reimbursement process is simplified