Parrot King- Buy Now Settle Later. Stable Cash Flow Helps Grow Business Faster


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Reap has been accompanying us to try new things, not only believing in us but also do it with us


Parrots’ food and accessories

Company Website

Parrot King

Company Size

10-15 employees

Average Daily Time Saved

Approx. 20% of working hours

Reap Products Used

Pay, Card

May, Founder of Parrot King

Reap's all-in-one solution helps safeguard every step we take, which also leads us further.

The company's biggest problem

As our company would like to have a diverse collection of products for customers to choose from, we purchase goods all over the world. However, this would hinder our business development as we do not have enough cash flow to expand or input into marketing, as most of our money goes to purchasing goods.

How to solve it

We fully utilised the 58 days credit period by importing goods and promotion as investment, and repaying the bill with the revenue we have made. Reap Card has enhanced our liquidity in terms of cash flow, which benefits in growing our business operation model.

Before using Reap 😥

- Unstable cashflow that hindered business expansion
- Marketing, administrative and merchandising departments spent a lot of time to manage bookkeeping and closing the books
- Spent a lot of time in finding the suitable payment method for vendors

After using Reap 🚀

- Speed up business growth
- Reap Card’s virtual card issuance function makes expenses across departments very easy to review on the same page
- Stabilise financial situation
- Have professional technical support when needed