Impressed Laundry - One stop shop for payment improves overall efficiency


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Reap enhances our efficiency in operation through improving company cashflow, that allows me to be more focused on business development.


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Impressed Laundry

Company Size

About 30 employees

Average Daily Time Saved

Approx. 1-2 hours

Reap Products Used

Collect, Pay, Invoice, Card

Victor, Founder of Impressed

The Company's Biggest Problem

Our accounting department often spends a lot of time and effort in dealing with vendors and collecting money from other working partners. Since we do not have a very strong current cash position, which makes the company hard to react timely when there’s an abrupt market change.

How to solve it

We have been actively looking for payment collecting tools. With Reap Collect, we are able to collect payments from our clients, working partners and vendors faster and enjoying a relatively lower handling fee, not only limiting to email notifications and receive payment passively. Furthermore, company’s cash flow has been improved after using Reap Pay, which greatly smoothens company’s operation. With all-in-one app of Reap, it minimises man-made mistakes in bookkeeping, I can review all receipts and payments on the same page, which makes financial management clearer and more convenient.

Before using Reap😥

- Unpredictable payment receiving date from vendors
- Unstable cashflow
- Human mistakes in bookkeeping, need more time for verification
- Delay company operation due to cashflow or administrative procedures

After using Reap🚀

- Better control on financial situation
- Cashflow stability
- Reduces administrative procedures
- Smoothens company’s operation