Stand with YOU during COVID-19: BowtieGo x Reap Medical Protection

In the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone must’ve had a better feeling of what’s like to be healthy and safe. As a business owner, have you thought about how to take a step forward and care for your staff? During this tough situation, Reap is committed to standing with SMEs. Apart from the special offers, we would like to take the initiative and think further for you and your staff.

By using Reap Payment Platform as your payroll method, you can have access to up to 58 days of interest-free financing, while earning credit card rewards like AsiaMiles and cashback. With a Reap account, you can benefit your staff with the BowtieGo program. Your staff can enjoy 50% off for General Practitioner, Chinese Medicine, and Specialist consultation.  In times of uncertainties, Reap will stand by you by keeping your cash on hand to grow your business while offering medical protection to your staff.

How to get BowtieGo medical plans for your staff?

Campaign details

Register or log on to your Reap account and enter this campaign promo code: BOWTIEGOR. Pay your employees through Reap platform, then you will receive BowtieGo membership activation code from us. Your staff can register BowtieGo plans and they can immediately access a 50% discount for the General Practitioner, Chinese Medicine.

Apart from your staff and you, their immediate family can also benefit from BowtieGo plan.  By paying a monthly subscription of an extra $10, your staff can also enjoy 18 specialist consultations, including dental examination, physiotherapy, orthopedic.  BowtieGo membership will renew monthly automatically so you don’t have to worry about an expiry.

Facing the unknown in life, only with planning and preparation can help with safeguarding you and the ones around you.

Promo code


BowtieGo membership details

Register your Reap account today! Pay them via Reap and give them peace of mind in return!

This campaign of redeeming BowtieGo’s membership will be valid until 31 July 2020.

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