Reap Card
One business credit card to digitally

automate reporting.

pay expenses.

track payments.

manage reimbursements.

allocate budget.

empower teams.

access capital.

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Build on Visa networks

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New corporate credit card Reap Card

All-in-one business credit card

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A multifunctional business credit card

The Reap Card is the next generation of business credit card with an online expense management tool. Access from anywhere, any device.

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Built on the Visa network

The Reap Card is part of the Visa network, which means you instantly get access to all of the security, convenience and access where Visa operates.

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Available in both physical and virtual cards

You can use your virtual card instantly upon card approval or wait for our physical card to be delivered.

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Expense card? Purchase card? Use it however you want

Doesn't matter if the expense is small, like the cost of a cup of coffee, or big, like the cost of your entire month's supplies, you can use the Reap Card to settle all kinds of bills.

Increase efficiency with our expense management tools

Real-time expense analysis
Real-time expense analysis

View your expense trends and insights in a glance.

Automated spend analysis
Automated spend analysis

Understand how your company spends and allocate your budget more effectively.

Software integration
Software integration

We can accommodate your favourite accounting software by requests.

Use Reap Card as
your business credit line

Integrate with Reap Pay to pay suppliers and vendors who don't accept credit cards so you can keep a healthy cash flow and and maintain business flexibility.

Payment information
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Reap Card vs. traditional business credit cards

Card in wallet
Reap Card

Fully online application

Quickly upload and connect your other financial information directly on the web application

Instant & self-service for employee card issuance

$0 annual fee per card

Other business credit cards

Paper applications, in-person visits

Requires security deposits, collateral, years of financial history

Long application and lead time

Thousand dollars per card

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More functions than a regular business credit card

Get an optimal flexible amount of credits to run your business
Get an optimal flexible amount of credits to run your business
Simplify claim and reconciliation processes with employee cards
Simplify claim and reconciliation processes with employee cards
Instantly share your business contact information via NFC using the Reap card
Instantly share your business contact information via NFC using the Reap card
Instantly share your business contact information via NFC using the Reap card
Instantly share your business contact information via NFC using the Reap card

Get your Reap Card today!

Year-round offers for Reap Card members


Enjoy 50% discount on 1-month dedicated desk membership + 3-day trial program, up to 30% off new members, WeWork credits & 1 month free hot desk membership at WeWork.

Google Ads

Get 100% cashback (Google Ad Credits + Social Beat Fees Credit) on up to the first HKD 100 of Ad Spend on Google.

G Suite

Get up to 21% off on G Suite monthly subscription.


Get HKD 1,250 free service promo along with a 3-month free subscription to all shops.


Enjoy a HKD 2,000 introductory package for promotion at Sourcing.


Enjoy a 33% off on all GoDaddy products.


Get a minimum of 10% off up to a maximum of 30% off an annual DocuSign Business Pro Package with your Reap Card.

Office 365

Save 10% on Office 365 Business Standard packages when you pay with your Reap Card.


Enjoy 8% off bookings when you pay with your Reap Card.

New Town PLaza

Get 15% off with no minimum spend.


Get 25% off on premium annual plans for the SaaS ‘typeform’.


Enjoy a 6-month annual subscription fee waiver on Sage Business Cloud Accounting when you pay with your Reap Card.

Access our digital financial services anytime, anywhere



Integrate with Xero to manage expenses seamlessly

Reap Pay

Reap Pay

Replace any cash payments

Reap Collect

Reap Collect

Collect payments anytime, anywhere

Reap Invoice

Reap Invoice

Design, issue and track all invoices

Hear from our customers

Our business has taken us to trade shows in Canada and the States. Reap has made this easy with cross-border payments, so that we can close deals in time. And the best thing is, all I need is a credit card.

Eric Fung

Founder of Flavour of Life

The ability to leverage the credit card for payments traditionally unable to process via credit card is helpful… Crucial benefit that any startup or SME can definitely take advantage of.

Charles Oh

Co-founder of Booqed

With simple and convenient experience REAP enables our company to eliminate cashflow gaps to support our business rapid growth.

Roman Podkorytov

Co-founder of BOXS Limited

Frequently asked questions

Who can apply for Reap Card?

Businesses around the globe can apply for Reap Card! Please ask your business owner, CFO, VPs of Finance, Controllers, Accounting Managers, Budget Owners, or any other authorised employee to complete our online application on behalf of your business.

Can I issue employee cards to my colleagues?
Does the Reap Card have annual fees?
What is the process for application?
Do I need to set up a bank account first?
Can I apply online?
Why do I need a virtual credit card?
What is NFC technology? Why can it share my business contact?

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