No more ad spend headaches: Corporate credit card for mobile game publishers of all sizes!


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In the age of digitisation and gamification, mobile gaming has become one of the most popular forms of entertainment worldwide, with billions playing games on their smartphones. As such, digital advertising keeps growing and is expected to surpass USD526 billion by 2023. However, many mobile game publishers need help managing advertising budgets across platforms, including social media, mobile ad networks, and search engines, in order to stay ahead of the competition. Each platform has its unique set of rules and requirements, making it difficult to keep track of advertising spend and optimise campaigns effectively. Furthermore, mobile game publishers often have to work with multiple vendors to manage their advertising, which can be time-consuming and costly.

Reap corporate card is specifically designed to simplify advertising budget allocation across multiple platforms. With Reap, mobile game publishers can consolidate their advertising spend onto a single card, making tracking expenses and optimising campaigns easier. Reap Card also provides real-time spending alerts and insights, allowing publishers to make informed decisions about their advertising budget. Overall, Reap offers a simple, cost-effective, one-stop solution, summarised as “G-A-M-E” in this article, for mobile game publishers looking to manage their advertising budgets more effectively.

  1. Gaining access to REAP corporate credit card

Traditional banks often take a long time to issue corporate credit cards, with a tedious application process involving extensive paperwork and thorough credit checks. This delay can hinder the mobile game publishers’ ability to quickly make necessary expenses for game development and advertising in the ever-changing industry. As a result, mobile game publishers may turn to alternative financial services, such as fintech companies, to obtain corporate credit cards quickly and efficiently. For example, the Reap Card application process is straightforward and can be handled online.Upon approval, these game publishers will be able to issue virtual or physical corporate credit cards to their employees.

One of the primary advantages of using corporate credit cards is simplified and streamlined accounting, as they provide a clear and concise record of all expenses. This can save mobile game publishers time and money on accounting or reimbursement, as there is no need to manually reconcile receipts or track expenses. In addition, all transactions made with a corporate credit card are automatically recorded and categorised, making it transparent to track expenses and ensure compliance with company policies.

In addition to these benefits, Reap also attaches great importance to security. Not only does it adopt the latest Transport Layer Security, AES-256 encryption, to keep the data safe during transit, but payments are processed via a Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard certified payment gateway with 2-step verification. At the same time, servers are situated in secure ISO27001-compliant data centres.

  1. Assigning Spending Limits

Many developers in the mobile gaming industry rely on advertising as a revenue stream. This is especially true as most users expect free games, which can quickly lead to spiralling advertising costs. It is essential to manage advertising budgets carefully to avoid overspending. Studies have shown that approximately 61% of top advertisers use their ad budget inefficiently, overspending by an average of 34%. This highlights the importance of setting account spending limits, especially for amateur mobile game publishers who may need more experience managing their finances or advertising budgets.

Reap allows game publishers to set specific limits for each platform, such as Facebook, Google, or mobile ad networks, to ensure that the advertising spend is aligned with company goals and objectives, focused on the most effective channels, kept within budget and that there are no unpleasant surprises at the end of each month.

Moreover, mobile game publishers can exercise greater control over their advertising budgets using Reap. They can set specific spending limits on the corporate credit card, which enables them to regulate expenses and avoid overspending. Moreover, they can restrict the types of purchases that can be made with the card, ensuring that only authorised expenses can be made. This feature helps prevent fraudulent activities and unauthorised spending– a primary concern for mobile game publishers. As a result, Reap enables game publishers to maintain better control of their finances and ensure that expenses are aligned with company policies, ultimately helping them to achieve their business objectives more effectively.

Reap also offers virtual corporate credit cards, which businesses can use to manage budgets more effectively. Here is a case in point: the head of finance can assign budgets to different departments of the mobile game company, and the Head of Marketing can create virtual cards for specific purposes. For example, they can create a Facebook ad-specific virtual card with a limited budget, ensuring the platform does not overspend.

  1. Monitoring Real-Time Spending

Reap provides mobile game publishers with a powerful real-time spending monitoring tool that enables them to track their advertising spending across all ad platforms. This feature is crucial for managing advertising budgets effectively, as it allows game publishers to detect overspending early, make adjustments in real time, and optimise their campaigns for better results.

Mobile game publishers often have to deal with multiple advertising platforms, increasing the risks of digital advertising budgeting disasters. However, with real-time monitoring, game publishers can see how much they spend on advertising at any given time. If spending exceeds the budget, they can act immediately, preventing overspending and ensuring that the funding is used effectively.

Real-time monitoring with Reap also allows game publishers to make real-time budgetary adjustments, which can be particularly useful in managing other business expenses like payrolls, invoices, and cross-border payments. By monitoring expenses in real-time, game publishers can adjust their budget allocations as needed, ensuring they have enough funds to cover all of their advertising or other expenses.

Real-time monitoring with Reap is also highly customisable. Game publishers can set up alerts and notifications for specific spending thresholds, ensuring they are always aware of their spending patterns. This can help them make informed decisions about their budget allocations and ensure they spend their money effectively.

  1. Exercising Automated Expense Reporting

Reap simplifies and automates expense reporting for mobile game publishers, reducing the administrative burden and improving accuracy. It automatically records and categorises expenses made on corporate credit cards, saving time and reducing the risk of human errors. In addition, this can help game publishers ensure that their expense reports are accurate and compliant with company policies and regulations.

By consolidating all advertising spending onto a single card, Reap also simplifies the process of expense reporting across multiple platforms. Game publishers no longer need to keep track of numerous receipts and invoices, as all expenses are recorded in one place. This can reduce the administrative burden, allowing game publishers to focus on other essential tasks, such as game development.

Streamlined expense reporting with Reap also provides greater visibility into advertising spend. As a result, game publishers can see precisely how much they are spending on advertising at any given time, enabling them to make informed decisions about their budget allocations. This can help them optimise their campaigns for better results and drive more revenue from their mobile gaming apps. Conclusion

Reap Card is a powerful tool for mobile game publishers looking to manage their advertising budgets more effectively. This feature is especially vital in the highly competitive mobile gaming industry, where every dollar spent on advertising counts. By providing access to corporate credit cards, real-time spending monitoring, expense reporting, and the ability to set spending limits, Reap offers a comprehensive solution for managing advertising spend across multiple platforms, helping you to get rid of ad spending headaches once and for all.

Several mobile game publishers have already reaped success using Reap to manage their advertising budgets, optimise their campaigns for better results, drive more revenue from their mobile gaming apps, and stay ahead of the competition in the highly competitive mobile gaming industry. What are you waiting for? Schedule a demo now to experience our game-changing one-stop financial solution!