Fast access to credit and flexibility to adjust spending limits


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Storage Service

Company Website


Company Size

50-200 employees

Easy documentation for month-end reconciliation

Post-transaction review comes in handy for financial admins to keep track of the spending record after each spending.

Full control of spending without informing the upper management

We need to get the one-time password from our founder/ CEO whenever we make a transaction. This becomes particularly annoying if they are out of town or are in the middle of a meeting, which means at times we might not be able to use the company card if needed.

We get to enjoy the convenience of creating unlimited secondary cards for off-site staff at no extra cost.

Fast access to credit and flexibility to adjust spending limits

We have the flexibility to adjust the credit limits of certain cards right away without having to contact the bank at all. Costs are difficult to predict in the logistics industry so being able to assign credits to our staff easily is definitely a bonus of using the Reap Card.

Our old corporate card has a very low credit limit and it is hardly enough for us to use. We need to call the bank every time for a temporary increase in credit limit or use a personal credit card to settle the bill on short notice. This process stresses us out because we are always wary of the payments not getting through. It harms our productivity too.

With the Reap Card, I can quickly increase and reallocate spending limits for our staff with no hassle.

Before Using The Reap Card 😥

- Only one corporate credit card tied to the CEO's phone number

- His OTP is required for every transaction, small or big

- Unable to assign spending limits to individual cards easily

- Need to use a personal credit card or call the bank for a one-time password to increase the spending limit to process larger transactions

- Need to fill in paper forms with long waiting time and extra cost if an extra employee card is needed

After Using The Reap Card🚀

- Can create unlimited virtual cards for employees to tie the cards to their work phones

- Can easily assign spending limits of each secondary card via the Reap dashboard

- Getting more credit limits than the complimentary corporate card issued by their bank

- No longer need to use a personal card

- Issue a credit card for employees within a few clicks at no extra cost