Managing finances as a team of one is more efficient than ever


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Asia Business Center

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15-20 employees

Raymond K.W. WONG, Founder of AsiaBC

Managing finances as a team of one is more efficient than ever

As the only person in the finance team, the finance manager needs to spend hours matching each paper statement of our old corporate credit card to the monthly expenses recorded in our system. With the Reap Card, she can automate finance processes and spend analysis.

The Reap Card allows the finance manager to issue supplementary cards under different categories in her dashboard so she doesn't need to manually categorise different vendors.

She can easily use the Reap Card to pay for meals and office supplies. The reimbursement process is simple and moves online completely.

Full control of spend allocation

With the ability to create cards for each department or co-worker, the card is no longer tied to our CEO's personal phone number, which means we don't need to bug him every time for the one-time password before making a transaction.

The finance manager can always refer to the monthly spending of each department using the Reap dashboard to adjust and forecast each department's budget.

Real-time transaction notifications keep the finance team up-to-date on the latest cash flows, payments and expenses, etc.

2% cash rebate on our biggest expenses

Our company's biggest expenses are marketing costs and online subscriptions. With the Reap Card, we are earning 2% cash rebate on all online transactions!

Real-time notifications to keep us up-to-date

All admins will receive a Whatsapp or an email notification after every transaction. The finance manager is fully informed of the team's spending and this gives me so much relief.

Before using the Reap Card😥

- Only one corporate credit card tied to the CEO’s phone number

- His OTP is required for every transaction, small or big

- Need to match each paper statement to the internal bookkeeping system

- Manually reimburse each employee every month

- Transaction history only available at the end of each month

- Can only view transaction status after logging in to the company bank account

After using the Reap Card 🚀

- Can create unlimited virtual cards for employees to tie the cards to their work phones

- The monthly report automatically categorises the spending type

- Employees can use the Reap Card as their expense card

-The reimbursement process is no longer needed

- Real-time notification after every transaction

-Auto categorisation of each transaction saves the time to validate the spend category