Toys Lab HK- Turning an interest into a career by speeding up growth


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Reap allows us to centralise our payments, better manage our cash flow, accelerate our growth and make our operations more stable.


Toy Retail

Company Website

Toys Lab HK

Company Size

About 4-6 employees

Average Daily Time Saved

Approx. 1-2 hours

Reap Products Used

Reap Pay

River, Founder of ToyLabs HK

Entrepreneurship allows us to learn from each decision and grow over time.

The Company's Biggest Problem

There are not enough resources to promotion our products, which slows down the growth of the company.

How to solve it

With Reap Pay, the company's cash flow has been well managed, allowing it to meet necessary expenses and to have enough funds to promote the company and accelerate the expansion of its operations.

Before Reap😥

- Unstable cash flow, slow growth
- Insufficient funds for promotion
- Unstable operations

After Reap 🚀

- Accelerated company growth
- More stable operations
- Purchased necessary goods