Oenotrus- Facilitate time and money with limited resources


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Reap allows my company to look the way I want it to look to my clients: modern, flexible and forward-thinking.


Online Fine Wine Merchant

Company Website


Company Size

Sole proprietorship

Average Daily Time Saved

3 hours per week

Reap Products Used

Collect, Pay, Invoice, Card

Jousha Hawes,founder of Oenotrus

Meeting the needs of our customers is my common goal when solving any problem.

The Company's Biggest Problem

The traditional banking system in Hong Kong is not friendly to SMEs, and will not lend to them until at least 3 years after the account is established.

How to solve it

Reap gives me the flexibility and stability to pay for expenses and purchases with my credit card. It gives me the flexibility to use my funds to meet the needs of my customers and maintain good relationships with suppliers and partners without the frustration of not having cash on hand.

Before Reap😥

- Difficulty accessing cash on hand
- Lack of financial freedom

After Reap🚀

- Overseas payments
- Produce invoices
- Pay all expenses on time
- Have sufficient cash flow