Empowering Power Workplace to increase profit margin and business clarity


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Information Technology & Consultancy

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Power Workplace

Company Size

Less than 10 employees

Top Reap Card spend

Travel and Entertainment

Better budget control means higher margins

“More often than not, for us to thrive as a small business, budget control on projects is nothing but essential. With inevitable project delays into months, asking our project managers to keep paper receipts or even electronic receipts was impractical. It was like driving a car on a rainy day on a highway with the dashboard lights turned off. We weren’t able to maximise our profits as a business.”

“Reap Card has become our core payment solution for most if not all electronic transactions. We are now able to keep an eye on every transaction almost instantly. Any projects that are likely to go over budget can be identified immediately. As far as the profit margin is concerned, Reap Card has helped us save at least 5% on supplier transactions.”

Say goodbye to paper receipts

“Since we operate in a small office space, no one at the office likes the idea of storing paper receipts around. With Reap, we could digitise this process and enforce a ‘clean desk policy.”

Before Using The Reap Card 😥

- Hard to control profile margin because of low project spending visibility

- Always end up overspending

- Had to store and organise tons of paper receipts

- Not able to pay for Hong Kong tunnel tolls with the company card

After Using The Reap Card🚀

- Well-informed by the up-to-date project spend, making it easier for the team to control profile margin

- Greatly reduce paper clutter and filing difficulties

-Tunnel tolls can be paid using the Reap Card