elittleworld- Receiving payment faster and easier


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Reap has allowed me to discover the convenience and benefits of paying by credit card and changing my business model to generate more revenue!


Luxury consignment service

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Company Size

About 10 employees

Average Daily Time Saved

3 hours per week

Reap Products Used

Reap Collect

Elaine, Founder of elittleworld

The hard work made me want to make a change, and the decision to purchase commodities in Europe at a stroke brought me to where I am today.

The Company's Biggest Problem

The convenience of using an online store business platform, but the high handling fees for each transaction and the company's cash flow could not cope with the high shipping costs in a timely manner.

How to solve it

Reap Collect has allowed me to change my entire business model and move away from the traditional over-the-counter collection model, allowing me to increase revenue while improving the speed of my collections.

Before Reap😥

- Relying on bank transfers
- Expensive processing fees
- Didn't maximise revenue

After Reap 🚀

- Increase in profit
- Receive money faster and more convenient
- Reduced workload